Choosing Wisely

The fabric supplier gave me a big bundle of new swatches. Fresh off the boat.

This is my messy table right now.

I hyperventilate and get nauseous in the presence of fabric. I get both a high and a bout of depression when I go through the swatches and pick out those I plan to use.

I giggle alone and take frequent deep breaths when I come across a pretty swatch. I actually hear them singing to me. Yes! Like an American Idol audition!

But I get sad when, out of the thick bundle, I have to choose maybe just 50. And still out of the 50 I have to narrow it down to those that I absolutely cannot live without. Right now I have 25 to 30. And how I wish I won't have to adjust the number again. But depends really on the budget and how many of these babies are still available come Monday. Yes, there is always a mad dash for fabric. Somewhere out there, another girl or gay (hehe) is on her table right now sorting and ooohhing and aaahhhing.

Come Monday the ooohhing and aaahhhing will be replaced by weeping and gnashing of teeth, when the fabric store says: ay wala na po...

Take a look at the many kinds of pinstripes I had to choose from!

Soon some of these guys will be part of belts, cuffs, skirts, shirts and shoes. :) Maybe you might be wearing some of them someday! :)

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