Kettle Chips

Hello my darlings!

That is what I whisper to the bags of Kettle Chips lined up in the grocery store whenever it's time to get my weekly ration.

I don't know where it started. I don't know when I tasted my first chip. Too bad. If I knew, that day would be celebrated like a family member's birthday.

Recession (and cellulite) not withstanding, I MUST HAVE (insert ferocious roar here) at least one large bag of Kettle Chips every week. I will scrimp on coffee, on pedicures, on main meals, but not on my weekly one bag of bliss. No way.

These are my favorites (arranged according to preference):

The good thing is they're healthy chips (yeah right!) and the Kettle Foods guys write good copy:

All Natural, No Stuff
No trans fats, no MSG, no artiļ¬cial whatchamacallits. Who needs it when our obsession for potato perfection results in award-winning chips, naturally. Chips you’ll still respect in the morning.

Chips you'll still respect in the morning. I love that! :)

I took their What's Your Flavor Quiz and got this result:
New York Cheddar

I am Bold, Grown-up Cheese.

I'm a bold, big city person. Museums, theater, fine dining and cool shops... I can even appreciate performance art. I've got grown-up tastes but I'm not stuffy or stiff. I know how to have fun and I'm just as comfortable at a white linen-laid table as I am at the hot dog cart. I've got style. An individualist who isn't afraid to show my true colors or to stand out in a crowd.

Hehe. Cute. Kinda uncannily, potato chippy correct too! (Insert Twilight Zone music here)

this is not a paid advertisement! haha!


GINA said...

I only got to taste Kettle Chips when Starbucks started selling it in their stores. I bought Spicy Thai Kettle Chips along with coffee. Tasted great, although coffee and chips don't really go together. Haha.

makes coffee nervous said...

Haven't tried Spicy Thai... parang deadly. :) That must've been such a weird combo, spicy chips and coffee!