Running Log: Nike Running Clinic @Fort; 6 March

Rush post; need to hit the sack so I can make it to class early tomorrow. We're doing watercolors! :) I have new school supplies. :)

1.2K warm-up
stretching and drills
8x1.2K or 9.6K

Was a good run!!! I'm happy I'm not so out of breath and can actually speed up the last 1K. And no need to ice my shins anymore. Oh dear Lord, no injury please. :) I will do my part by being careful and patient.

What I'm happy about too is that my friends K and Ch joined us tonight. I hope they'll learn to love running too.

Soooo loved the chicken spinach lasagna and froyo afterwards. YUMMY!!!

Good night!


GINA said...

Hobbes and Landes also has Froyo in greenbelt 5, by the way.

Don't you sometimes feel that it's so hot these days you just want to buy two orders of the large plain froyo and have it all placed in just one container? =)

GINA said...

Did 9.6K last Thursday BY ACCIDENT. Argh. Will post about it soon.

makes coffee nervous said...

hahaha! yeah, it's been terribly warm lately. summer just happened without warning. :)

wow, congrats on the accident! must've been good! :)