Running Log: Nike Running Clinic @Ultra; 10 March


Just ran easy tonight.

2K Warm-up
stretching and drills
15x400m main run

Didn't do the scheduled intervals as advised by Coach Rio. Been feeling on-off pain on the outer side of my right knee, thigh and butt since Wednesday's intervals.

Although I didn't feel any pain on the knee and thigh tonight, the pain in my right butt cheek persisted till today.

Good thing I told Coach Jo Ar. He recommended I get a sports massage from Coach Salazar of Team Baldrunner.

Coach is a guy. Gulp. But so what. I'm macho. And if The Bull Runner was okay having her sports massage done by a guy, then I should be fine too.

So after the 15x400m run, I placed my tight leg muscles under the masterful hands of Coach Salazar. Yeouch!!! Super yeouch!!! I was screaming in pain as Coach kneaded the tight knee, thigh and glute muscles. Ack!!! Masakit talaga! No kidding at all. My shins were also very painful. Ack again!

Afterwards though, I felt like my leg muscles were not as tight. Coach suggested a stretching exercise for the glutes. He says this kind of pain is usually caused by one leg striding longer on the curves of a track oval. As for the shins, I may not be hitting the ground with the balls of my feet. Need to correct that.

Another running clinic guy was next on the mat with Coach Salazar. I stayed around to wait for him to yell in pain. Hahaha!

I hope this works. I really don't want to get sidelined by an injury.

Next week is recovery week, to prep us for Condura Run. Come April, we will be graduating from the running clinic. Hopefully the plans of making us an official Nike Club pushes through. :)

Need to RICE now.

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