Running Log: Happy Run, The Fort 25 Jan

Happy Run: Fort Bonifacio, Taguig 25 January

Time -- 28:15
11th place, women's category
great weather! well-organized race.
i felt i ran well. good steady pace. but after the halfway mark, i felt a bit "discouraged" and had to really push myself. is that what you call hitting a wall? i'm worried now about stepping up to 10k. running 5k is definitely not a breeze for me. is this normal?


Anonymous said...

if you're a new runner, 28 minutes for a 5k is pretty decent(i think)

makes coffee nervous said...

thanks, anon. i used to run in high school. ran on-off as cross-training for badminton, maybe 5 years ago. had to stop due to a patella injury. just took up the sport again last november. i'm thankful for the nike running clinic. the coaches are really very serious and helpful. and it's for free! haha.

Anonymous said...

...free running clinic plus the wealth of running literature in print and on the web...the best time to be a runner....