Running Log: Baguio LSD

Baguio Long Slow Distance

Went to Baguio for C's birthday. Forced him to wake up early to run on Thursday morning (22 Jan). We started at Session Road heading for Camp John Hay. Our goal was to run for at least an hour.

Wanted to start at 6am but C said it was still too dark so we started at 7. Chilly morning air. It was thrilling to be running in Baguio. We had to contend with the morning traffic though and had to ask for directions a couple of times to get to the road to John Hay.

We just ran and ran. Despite the narrow sidewalks and the speeding vehicles that wooshed past us. Finally we found the John Hay gate.

We did some stretching just inside the gate and then ran again. At some point I wanted to scream at C because he chose a really steep uphill road. I felt like he was trying to prove that for all my seriousness with running, I was a sissy and couldn't take on hardcore stuff. Which is probably true. Haha.

We just ran and ran. We probably did a little bit more than an hour, combining the run to John Hay and the run inside. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

My legs and butt felt heavy. I don't know why. I felt I couldn't stride properly. I had no problem breathing (C did) but my lower body just seemed heavier than usual. Could it have been all the Mikasan Choco Flakes I ate the previous night? Haha. It was a surprise though that we actually had sweat running down our backs. In that chilly weather! How cool was that?!

We ran inside the residential areas in John Hay. C was trying to chat but even replying to questions on which route to take proved to be difficult for me. I was a crabby runner. Haha. I was really bothered by how heavy my legs felt. All I could muster were hand signals, dagger looks and rolling eyes. I was being such a bitch. I'm so glad C didn't lose his patience.

Finally we took the Baguio Country Club exit and ran on narrow pavements again until we reached a big intersection and found a taho vendor. What a reward! We then crossed to a park and did some stretching again before walking back to the hotel.

I'd like to go back and face John Hay again better informed and prepared.

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