a small life

Washing the dishes tonight while listening to Pippin, I got to thinking about the relevance of my life. Haha. Such deep thoughts while washing dishes. Baduy. Haha.

Comparing my life to those of some of my friends, I felt shallow.

I have a friend who is in public service. I've known him since grade school. Always have admired him and his choices. He loves this country so much and you can tell that by the way he lives his life. To me he is one of the coolest persons I know. Cooler than Brad Pitt. Haha.

One friend is an investment banker. I think that's what it's called. See, I can't even make sense of what she really does.

So what am I then? I live a very small life. (And I have many references to lines from You've Got Mail -- that last sentence and the title of this blog. But that's something to write about some other time.) I work in the fashion industry. I help out with some brands in a retail store. My own line is all about belts. And lately I've been thinking of making neckties and bow ties. I get giddy with fabric. Colors drive me wild. Pretty dresses make me woozy. My mouth waters at pretty shoes.

What's that compared to serving the country or managing millions? Sometimes I comfort myself by saying fashion is important too. That it inspires and also empowers. It can make people happy. It allows people to communicate. It can change someone slowly from the inside out. It can give courage. Courage to put out who they really are.

I really don't know how to end this entry. Maybe someday I will be able to say that I, too, live a life that's as substantial as my friend the patriot and my friend the finance whiz.

For now, I will have to be happy that I get thrilled at what I do and in knowing that I do it pretty well.

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