Not Quitting

Tuesdays are my least favorite running days. Those are the days we run at the track oval and we do interval or speed training.

Last year we did 2k warm-up, stretching, drills then 3 sets of 3x200m. I still remember the first time we did the 3x200m sets. I would end most of the sprints saying "shit". Haha. And I don't like saying that word. I'm a sissy, I know. But just me. I don't like cussing.

Oh but those sprints really took a lot from me and I had no other words to say at the finish line but "shit". I apologize to anyone who might be offended but I there really was no other way to release the emotion I felt after almost dying from running those sprints.

So Tuesday was the first run clinic day. And they increased our sprints to 3 sets of 3x300m. Ack!

And this was my first run for the year. AND I only ran twice during the entire Christmas break. Ack! Ack!

And during the break, we got home way past midnight every single night. Our schedule was haywire. Sleeping at an early 2am to as late as 4am. And getting up at 11am to 1pm. I was in terrible shape for the run. I knew it. I felt it.

After the 2k warm up, I felt woozy and was wondering if I should chicken out and tell the coaches I wasn't feeling well. But I didn't want to voluntarily quit. So I spoke to all the coaches who would care to listen. Complaining that I had little sleep and that I didn't run during the break... But no one bit the bait. Each one of them said it'll be okay.

And I wasn't going to chicken out. So ran I did. Ack!

It took a lot for me not to quit after the first set of 300m sprints. I really wanted to give up already. But I knew I would only feel bad if I did. So I pushed myself and pushed myself again. Till finally it was the last 300m. I survived after all. Although I could've sworn I was close to collapsing in a lot of those sets. Haha.

I feel so much better that I finished those sprints. Sometimes it's good to feel embarrassed about quitting. Even if the only person watching is yourself.

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