the soundtrack of your life

It's a cool afternoon as I write this from our dining table. There's a soft, brisk breeze blowing through the window shades.

The dogs are snoring away. So is Carlo.

I am listening to Celtic Christmas II.
I love this album, even though I don't understand most of the songs. Take a look at the album cover. That's just how all the songs feel. Cold but in a heartwarming way. Welcoming but also letting you go.

This album is my soundtrack to a lot of my alone times. It's uplifting, involving but not dominating. So I can still hear my thoughts and enjoy the quiet.

Do you also have certain songs that make up the soundtrack to your life?

When I'm preparing meals, what works for me is Stand By Me for breakfast or lunch. Something about the simple happy lyrics and beats that just inspire hearty scrambled eggs or snap-crackling veggies.

For dinnertime, I find inspiration in Miles Davis or Frank Sinatra. Makes even reheating leftovers seem glamorous. Haha.

I have playlists for alone times, beach hangovers, barefoot days, driving, running, brainstorming, lazy afternoons, days I'm celebrating love and even for days I'm angry with love. All sorts of songs to define and enhance moments.

Right now, the track I'm listening to from the Celtic Christmas album is all about a happy fiddle. Reminds me I have to start clearing up the lunch table and wash the dishes. Haha.

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