Gaining Some, Losing Some

Ran in the Happy Run today at The Fort. I loved the weather. It was still dark when we started and the sun wasn't so high yet and the air was still dawn-cool when I crossed the finish line. This race was organized by RunRio so as expected (at least from my limited experience with road races), it was very well-organized and made a lot of people... Happy! Hehe. There were route markers, good traffic marshalls and the race timers were very visible.

I think I ran well today. Saw a lot of our coaches from Nike Running Clinic along the race route and it felt really good to be high-fived and cheered on. I placed 11th. :) With a time of 28:15. I'm grateful for the improvement and really acknowledge that the run clinic does us a whole lot of good.

Tried something new too today. Instead of our usual cereal pre-race breakfast, we had a banana and yogurt smoothie, as suggested by a friend. Seemed to work for me. Also for C who ran in the 15k. Although I felt full, I didn't have the sensation of liquid swishing around in my tummy.

After getting a bottle of water from the freebie booth, I walked to the car and got the cam. Took shots of the beautiful sky and walked to just before the finish line to wait for C and the rest of our little running gang.

Joined other people who were cheering on the first few finishers of the 15k. That's something I've never done in previous races and I'd like to do that now in all the races I'll be joining. Felt good also to clap for the Nike Running Clinic guys. Nice to appreciate all the hardwork they've put in.

I feel so elated that I've been improving steadily in my runs. It's nice to see progress. It serves as inspiration to endure the interval trainings I so dread. Haha.

My joy with my running gains though is tempered by the things I have to face at work soon. As in tomorrow-soon. I have decided to let go of my part-time work in retail. Tomorrow I will have to tell my boss. I've realized that my place is really in doing my own quiet little thing, with the belts and the other things I had to put on hold so I could focus on the retail job.

I miss having my own schedule and doing most things in the house. The long drive to Makati, although only thrice a week, is something I don't want to have to do anymore . I miss being in close contact with my customers -- many of whom have become friends.

I've prayed about it for quite some time now and I know that this is the right thing to do. I have peace in my heart. Today's church sermon confirmed my decision. The cheque I got this afternoon from the store where I sell my stuff from seals the deal. Haha.

Feels awfully sad too to say goodbye to a job I've been doing for a little over a year. I've come to love my boss and a group of people I have lunch with in the office. But I know I have to move on now. Gotta lose some to gain some.

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