Running Log: PSE Bull Run 2009; 18Jan

My oh my. What a horribly disorganized race. Yikes.

No route markers, not enough road marshalls and I don't know why but vehicles were weaving in and out of the runner's path, that part near McKinley Hill till the point where you u-turn.

And I don't know if it was just me but wasn't that such a long and obnoxious program? Did we start late?

And what a teeny weeny race clock!!! I only noticed it after the race. Darn.

AND the L I N E to submit your race stub!!! Ack!!! I hope that guy who was supposedly jotting our times was doing his job well. Otherwise there'd be a lot of errors in the participants' times.

I ran 5k. I didn't have a watch with me and couldn't, for the life of me, locate the race timer. The guy behind me had a friend behind us in the line who clocked at 28 something. The guy behind me assumes we did 27 something. I hope.

Can't wait for The Happy Run on the 25th. That one should be well organized.

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