Running Log: Nike Running Clinic @Ultra, 27Jan

Recovery week for us so we just did 3k warm-up and lots and lots of drills AND... excruciating core exercises! Hahaha! Oh and we were taught a stretching-with-a-buddy routine.

The drills and core exercises still got us sweating and complaining. I prefer those though to the sprints. Any day. Haha. But yeah, the drills made us more mindful of our form. And the core exercises... well, summer will be upon us soon so aside from improving our running form, they will also hopefully get us ready for the beach. Hehe. The stretching routine was such a treat. Close enough to a mini-massage.

It was very warm last night. Kinda missing the nippy weather we had a few weeks ago.

I was surprised to find my legs a bit sore this morning. My abs though only started to ache tonight. It's a happy soreness.

Can't wait for Friday's clinic!

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