A Love Affair

I have a love affair.

With my cast iron skillet.

Having no househelp has its benefits.

Having the kitchen to myself is one.

On the rare times when I have the time and inspiration to prepare a proper meal, I thrill at the opportunity to use my cast iron skillet.

It's a heavy pan. Heavy enough to use as a weapon.

I love the weight of it in my hand. Or rather, on two hands. I love how it heats up slowly but surely. I love how it cooks evenly. Love the ssssss ssssss sound the turner makes on its surface as I tease browning garlic or mess up some eggs.

When it's time to wash it, I love its smooth and rough surfaces. The unique grooves only this skillet (my skillet) has. The patches that make maps all over. The sheen it gives off when I wipe off water with a paper a towel. As if it's winking at me, saying, see you soon, sweetheart!

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