Alone Times

I had good alone time today. Went down late and placed the girls in the garage so I could clean up their mess in peace.

I get into a zen state when I clean up. I don't know why. I don't enjoy dog poo and pee but for some reason, I get into a zone and my mind's just so focused on the task and I feel completely at peace. Not at all irritated nor frustrated. Hmmm...

After cleaning up, I made myself some "single woman" brunch. Brewed some coffee (tried corn coffee from Cary and Grace), made toast and laid out butter and strawberry jam on the table. With the soundtrack of Stand By Me playing in the background.

I once again stared at the bottle of marmalade from Spain. It's sooo pretty and I don't have the heart to open it yet. For some other day.

As I was finishing off my coffee, I just got so into the music and started swaying and dancing in my seat. At times I would even close my eyes. It was just a nice moment and I wanted to cherish it. Being alone, being content and full. And I imagined I was a single woman in my own apartment. Like Amelie. Except Amelie had a cat. There's always a reality check when you're daydreaming. Haha.

I wish we could bottle certain moments in our lives. Usually those moments aren't even about a significant event. It's usually the quiet, ordinary moments that really make you say to yourself: "hey, I'm so happy right now!".

Here's to more quiet treasures like today.

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