Running Log: 16 January, Nike Running Clinic @Fort

2k warm-up
no stretching because i was late
5k run with runmate Eric (not sure about his name) because we were both late.
not sure about the time because we were late but i think we ran at a good pace. faster for me because i felt a bit pressured running with a guy. good and bad. bad because i almost ran out of breath and it wasn't as enjoyable as usual. i also couldn't enjoy my run music like i usually do. good because it pushed me and the run became more serious, not ladida.
had a stitch at some points. because i was talking. not good.
it was also quite cold. you almost didn't break out in sweat. and there's a part of the route where you're running against the wind. a bit tough.

need to rest today and sleep early to prepare for tomorrow's PSE Bull Run. will run 5k.

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