A Year In The Life: 18 February

Someone s(h)at here. Hehehe.

Our little veranda is a favorite spot of some really noisy and "show-off" birds. They wake us in the morning with their noisy chatter and what we call their "song showdown". You just know they're showing off because the song is long and complex and they seem to be taking turns at the mic! I recorded a solo performance one time on my phone but I need to figure out how to upload it here. It is amazing and such a blessing to hear.


Anonymous said...

It's the color red.

Red has the longest rays, meaning it should be the most visible from afar versus other colors. This is perhaps the reason why the "show-off" birds are using your red chair for target practice haha.

Also, here's a car trivia: car color with the most collisions reported--yes, it's red. Ditto with bird accidents--"oh sheeet" (said ala Bella Flores hahaha).

- C

makescoffeenervous said...

Boy, I'm so glad I'm with smartie here. Hehe. :)

But really... those birds LOVE that chair. It's hilarious. We've cleaned it up, moved it to a different spot, but after a few days, SPLAT!