Just when I'm getting used to my weight and rotundness, I see this. How old is she? Argh.

C wants me to buy new jeans (because I can't button up my old ones, what with my big butt) but I'm not about to give-up my old clothes. They'll just have to be kept out of service for a while (a few months? a year?). I'll get back to wearing them when I'm ready to lose the weight. Naks. Hahaha. Nervous laughter.

image from fashiongirl.feber.se


GINA said...

Sus, don't worry about that! You'll get your old weight back. You've always been thin; it's only now that you're just trying to get preggy, so the weight gain is natural.

(Although I may never go back to my college figure, I still keep my old Levi's 24-inch waistline jeans. Malay natin! Haha)

makescoffeenervous said...

Hahaha! Hay naku. The ONLY motivation for me to lose weight is so I don't have to get rid of the clothes I love. Years of collecting and editing. I'm not letting go so quickly.

I read somewhere that Halle Berry has a really old pair of jeans that she keeps as a reference point. When she fits into those jeans, all is well in her world. Haha.