A Year In The Life: 17 February

Do you see the three red dots on my forearm? Those are my latest lymphocyte immunotherapy (LIT) shots. The most painful of the three sessions I've had so far.

This morning just before I took a shower, I noticed some pain close to my underarm. I'm thinking it must be from the lymph node there. You notice every single thing when you are THIS focused on keeping healthy and fit for LIT.

My first thought was: "Yay, the injections must be working!"

I think I am hard-wired to always see the glass half-full.

I'm not saying I don't get sad or that I don't ever feel defeated. I wept a little this morning while chatting with a friend who also has the same immune issue as mine.

I guess I'm the type of person who falls into a pit of despair but manages to look up and see there's a way out, no matter how far up. I can't help but hope.

I think it's because I have seen God's faithfulness in my life and in the lives of so many people around me. I have 20 years of stories of God's goodness (I met the Lord in high school). I know it may be cheesy to a lot of people. But to me, this is what's true. For me, that is the only truth.

I'm terribly sad right now and finished half a bar of Toblerone this morning just to cheer up. But somehow through the haze of sadness I just know there is a good story to tell in the future. That's why I write about this, no matter how embarrassed I am sometimes.

That's just that today. Thank you for reading.

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