Dealing With Stress

I am officially an ''employer". I'm a "boss" to two full-time sewers and a part-time patternmaker. And I'm scared witless.

I have to balance work and warm relations with two types of people. One is older, a bit slow, with a penchant for chatting and little breaks to put some smelly chinese paste on her aching legs. Hahaha. The other one is younger, up-at-the-crack-of-dawn-type, fast (a long-sleeves top in 2 hours) and all-work (you have to drag her away from the sewing machine at lunch time). Thank God the patternmaker is a middle-aged man with a steady personality and who works very fast.

I was so stressed this morning because I had to make sure I had work lined up for Sewer #2 while also considering a not-so-rush project for Sewer #1 to start on when she's done with a not-so-rush skirt she has been working on for three days. Hahaha. It's driving me insane.

Maybe I'm also just driving myself insane by focusing too much.

Here's how I dealt with the stress:

1. I prayed. As soon as I got back from the patternmaker, I plopped on the bed, closed my eyes and prayed. A lot of things are beyond my control. Sometimes the patternmaker can't finish everything on time. Or a fitting gets rescheduled. Or one of the sewers (or both) would have their own personal issues... It's good to lift things up to Him who sees the whole picture.

2. I had lunch. Haha. Cannot function well on an empty tummy.

3. I physically and mentally moved away from the issues bugging me. I checked Facebook. I checked Caroline's blog. I tweeted and then I wrote here. It helps me a lot to unfocus for a while because when I turn my attention back to the issues, they suddenly don't seem so overwhelming at all.

Now I'm back on track. With a little help from a cup of coffee. :) Hope you are having a wonderful day! It feels like Monday all over again! Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

As counterweight, you've two dogs (one young, one old) and a steady Med. ;-)

- C

makescoffeenervous said...

wow, you're absolutely right! and the young dog favors the younger sewer!