A Happy Weekend Indeed

I am sooo tired. Hahaha. And I'm so thankful it's not because of LIT. Thank You Lord for the break.

We started with patternmaking class this afternoon. Had to rush home after church because I'm taking the class with C's officemate. I really don't want to face this challenge alone.

So happy to learn something new but wow, talk about brain overheating. I could almost hear my brain sizzling with all the computations and spots to mark. But I'm definitely determined to learn this.

So very happy too that I got a morning text from a client who said she absolutely loves the dress we made for her. She's excited to go to this wedding because of the dress she'll be wearing. Awwww... That is the best thing to hear. :)

Also, Kim said her coat is finally right (after several revisions, sorry Kim!). I'm hoping she will really enjoy that coat. :)

Tomorrow I'm off to meet a client in the morning then acupuncture in the afternoon. Then patternmaking practice. Yay! Good end to a week and good start to another. Thank You Lord!

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