Second LAT: 10 February (and accidental early Valentine celebration)

After two LITs (lymphocyte immunotherapy), we decided to go for our second LAT (lymphocyte autoimmune test) to check if the percentage has increased enough for us to get pregnant again. Our first LAT was in January.

Picked up C from work at around 1230pm and we had lunch at Canteen in Trilogy (resto review to be posted next).

Lunch was so good and coffee so strong, it set me in a really good mood for blood extraction. Haha.

This is where we go in PGH. The department name makes me feel like a lab mouse.

There's a small waiting area through those doors. In the morning, that area is SRO.

They have a spiffy reception table. Not bad for PGH! When I'm there, I often pray that more people will support PGH. I think the doctors and staff there are excellent and truly deserve a boost (in salaries, equipment).

On the blood extraction chair, smiling at the girl in the next chair.

Vials waiting to be filled with bbbblllloooodddd!!! Cue Dracula laugh here.

Kuya Reggie and Tita Au. Super super super caring and sweet staff of MRL and the team we go to on Saturdays at the Manila Endocrine Laboratory on Pedro Gil. This was the 3rd time that day that a patient had their picture taken with them. Their favorite first question: "buntis ka na?" or "are you pregnant already?"

Apparently a lot of the patients that week were pregnant.

For LAT, there is a "line". The process must be expensive because they run it in batches of 10. So let's say you come in for LAT and you're fourth on the list, you'll have to wait for six more girls to come for the test too. Only when they have 10 will they run the test. If you are the 11th, you wait till the next batch.

I'm fortunate because Reggie booked the 10th slot for me and I went for blood extraction when they had booked the 9th person already. Hopefully by Monday they'll have our test results. Praying our batch will have good results.

After blood extraction, we were thinking of watching a movie but decided not to because I had the sniffles. When you are going through LIT, you have to be very careful that your body remains strong. If your immune system is busy fighting off "real" disease, it won't react well to the lymphocytes being injected in you.

So instead of a movie, we went to UP to look around and have a light snack. We went to Chocolate Kiss (sorry I forgot to take pictures) and after having a slice of Dayap Chiffon and coffee, we walked to the next door art gallery and saw these two cats snoozing on for sale "antique" containers.

We love looking at art. Back when we were just dating, we'd spend a lot of time at art galleries just looking and trying to impress each other with our deep takes on pieces. Hahaha.

You know you're getting older when you start considering investing in, and not just looking, at art. C is in a really grown up mode now and the works of this young painter from Paete caught his eye.

Kite Flyers by Joseph Banez

Joseph Banez, according to the gallery's profile is a social pop realist. We love his use of bold (and happy) colors and his funny portrayal of everyday Pinoy scenes. Hoping that someday we will get to buy one of his paintings.

We were driving around when we saw this guy taking off his shirt and sunning his back. The picture is blurry because I took it from a huge distance and from inside the car. I didn't have the balls to come closer for a better picture.

We actually know this guy! He's deaf and teaches sign language at our former church. I used to be one of his students! He's now in UP, enrolled in the College of Fine Arts. He's really a cool guy.

This is one of the things we love about UP... you can just be who you are and do what you want to do (like take off your shirt by a field and enjoy the sun on your back) and no one will mind.

No visit to UP would be complete without a quick check on what's happening at the Sunken Garden. I don't know if it's true, but according to older UP folk, this area used to be street level, and that it still sinks by several centimeters every so often. I don't know how true that is so don't quote me!

This is UP Fair week so the Sunken Garden was full of students selling tickets to the fair, vendors selling roasted corn, cotton candy, and a whole range of street food.


We left for home shortly after we had this picture taken. It had been a good day.

Joggers on the left side of the road leading out of the campus. I miss running.

One of the huge acacia trees on the campus outskirts.

It was a really good day.

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