Caroline's 14 Items, 14 Looks (aka the coolest online contest there is)

In a shopping bind? Budget-conscious? Not sure what key items to add to your wardrobe this season? Fret no more and check the score: 14 key pieces translated into 14 new looks.

This is my favorite look:

Caroline, I should win this look because:
  • The striped tee is perfect for a soon-to-be pregnant, but still funky girl like me.
  • I can wear heels all day and run in them. Even if I just work from home!
  • The hoodie is perfect for fashionable, early morning walks to the bakery, and breakfast dates with my hubby!
  • I've never had a leather jacket and even though I live in a tropical country, I spend a lot of time in movie theaters with freezing temps. The leather jacket would keep me toasty and happy and would remind me all year-round of how cool you and your site are! :)
  • And last but not least, if you ever come visit sunny Manila, I will take you around and let you sample our yummy food and show you some of the best summer spots that will keep you coming back every year!
    Please pick me!!! :) It will be a very early baby shower gift! :)

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