Zit Attack

So much sad news this week. My friend's mom passed away today. Also after a long bout with cancer.

Although I feel a deep sadness, I also feel a deep joy that they're free from pain and they are in a much, much, much (!!!) better place.

I thought I'd share something light today. And what better way than to poke fun at myself.

I have been struggling with zits lately. It's very frustrating because I am 36 and I shouldn't be getting zit attacks at my age! It's a hormonal imbalance, says my derma. From stress, lack of sleep, etc.

When I happened to glance at myself in the mirror this morning, I was startled again at seeing the zits on my forehead and left-hand side of my face. I still am not used to seeing my face under attack. Argh.

My first thought was, oh no, I'm meeting a prospective client tomorrow! I might be producing clothes for her soon-to-be-launched brand. We've met before but that was probably two years ago when I was youngER and zit-free.

My first impulse is to apologize when I see her. Hi, V! So sorry about the zits... I don't usually have these but it's just been a crazy week/month/year and my derma said it's hormonal, nothing to do at all with my hygiene or choice of skincare... must be the food I eat too as I have a penchant to snack uncontrollably on potato chips and choco pretzels... so sorry.

Or: Hi, V! So sorry you had to see me like this. I hope you won't lose your appetite now that you've seen the Zit State. If you were a bit on the heavy side and needed an appetite suppressant, I'd be glad to make regular appearances at your meals... but as I see that you aren't in need of any more weight loss, I feel bad... so sorry.

Or: Hi,V! Zits? What zits? Oh... these? (Cue Elvira Manahan-esque sosyal laughter) They're not zits, mah dear. They're warts. I've just had them laaazzzerrrred (if you've seen Austin Powers, you know how that sounds) that's why they're all raw and like that naman. Ahahahaha!

Ah well. What to do? Tsk tsk.

I used to wish I could cover up a PMS zit with Band-Aid. Not the plain ones but the funky checkered or Hello Kitty ones. But if I did that now, I'd have on a masquerade ball mask (the ones where only your mouth is visible). Woe is me and my zit-attacked face. Hay. Hehe.


GINA said...

Why not try Benzac 5%? It's a gel-like formula (just ask for it in mercury) that's really effective in zapping those annoying zits. Works better than any brand I know.

I don't get zits often, but when I feel that they're about to form, i put Benzac, and the zit never comes into fruition. Haha. So far, I've recommended it to 3 of my friends, and it works for them as well. =)

makescoffeenervous said...

Hey Gina Girl! I was using Benzac 5% before I got preggers. :) Had to discontinue because it's not safe for pregnant women.... and those praying to get pregnant. ;)

Hay naku... Had to really overhaul a lot of things in my life to make room for a baby. I'm sure it's going to be worth it, zit attacks and all! :)