Running Log: LSD @UP; 12 July

A week before Run For Home. C and I decided to do 10K in UP to prepare a bit for next Sunday's run. I know I need my mind to feel what 10K is like again so I won't chicken out on race day. My last 10K race was Condura. Too long ago. The mind forgets.

We passed by Hector of Secondwind Running Store to check the 10K route that won't limit us to just going round and round the Acad Oval.

We started off at 6:55pm from Oblation and went on an interesting and hilly route, that's still within campus but away from vehicular traffic.

It felt like a trail run of sorts because it was dark and we had to pay attention to cracks, holes, and bumps. Even in the most uphill portions, we didn't notice the difficulty as much because our minds were focused on not tripping or falling into a hole. Hahaha.

It was a really good run! I feel giddy even just writing about it now. There were long stretches of quiet and almost complete darkness where we could hear frogs, cicadas and other "jungle" sounds. Moomoo na pala yung naririnig eh no... Hahaha.

We were worried on some of the deserted streets. Too dark. I wish UP could afford more lights. It's really a beautiful campus and a great running place.

We were quite surprised to finish at 55mins, with much energy to spare. And we were worried that the route was short of 10K. Too worried we drove through the route to measure the distance on the speedometer. Yep, it was 10K alright.

Maybe it was the new route or the cool weather (it was just starting to rain when we finished). Or that we hadn't had a long run in a long time. Or that we ran together. Or that we were too scared going through the dark streets that we unconsciously speeded up. Haha. It was definitely an easy and happy run.

My theory is that it's more difficult to finish 10K on the Acad Oval and moreso on the ULTRA track because you're just going round and round. I need a destination when I run. Same as in life. It's more tiring and discouraging to just be going around in circles. You've got to know your journey's headed somewhere. It also helps when you run/journey with a friend.


GINA said...

See you at Run for Home! I'm only doing 5K, because I haven't practiced in a while. =P i'm not in good condition! =P

makescoffeenervous said...

See you, Gina girl! Wala din akong practice no! Petiks running lang ako lately. :)