Dressing Up

One of the things I miss most about going to a regular office job is dressing up.

One of the things that gets me up in the morning is the thrill of deciding what to wear. Sometimes, when I'm just starting to wake up and my mind's just stirring and my eyes are still closed, I'd ask myself: what shall I wear today? In my mind I'm rummaging through my cabinet, thinking what item I'd like to start on. I believe in anchoring an outfit on one piece, be it shoes, a skirt, a belt, and deciding from there what else goes well with it.

The other night I couldn't sleep. I had MJ overload. So in bed with my eyes closed, I examined my closet and thought of a nice outfit for the next day. This led me to a little inventory of what I have.

I realized I have more skirts and dresses than pants and shorts. I have more bottoms than tops. I have more shoes than I can fit on the shoe rack, in the closet and under the bed. I realized I have many pieces that are more than 10 years old. It's easy to track because I date them by pre-wedding and post-wedding purchase. I bought more expensive stuff pre-wedding. Haha.

I have a coat that C gave me when we were still dating. I don't wear it anymore as it's a bit too, erm, beige, but I keep it. I don't think I'll ever get rid of it.

I have a pair of cream leather loafers that I bought pre-wedding. They are scuffed in all the right places and they are like the bosses of my shoe closet. Each new pair should get along with the cream loafers.

I have a pair of suede heels. They're my only Kate Spade pair and just looking at them makes me giddy.

I also realized that I don't have "sad clothes". Going to my aunt's funeral, I brought white stuff. A white dress and a white and beige shift. I had nothing black in my closet except tees and a band jacket that would've sent people screaming (too hot!!! too weird!!!). So imagine my panic when my mom told me I had to be in black. Ack! So amidst errands and the last day of the wake, I had probably less than an hour to go from store to store in SM to find a decent black dress that wouldn't break the bank. After all, I was just going to wear it once.

So yes, I don't have "sad clothes". Which made me a bit happy, knowing that even my closet reflects the kind of personality I have: sunny and ill-prepared for traditional funerals. Hahaha.

Why am I sharing you this today? I don't know. I suddenly had the urge to wear heels and a slim satin skirt. But I have nowhere to go. So I thought writing about it would be the next best thing.

The photo at the top is borrowed from thesartorialist.com.


Anonymous said...

good thing you married me. otherwise my clothes would be just black, dark blue and dark gray. now i've some sprinkling of 'non-sad' hues. but you know what, i think the colored ones on my side of the closet are your spillovers. should be charging you for rent. so that's why a lot of my clothes are now just folded and placed on a pile. hmmm.


makescoffeenervous said...

ooops... busted! :)