Ginger and Scout

C brought home office work. We're downstairs using the dining table as office table. I'm empathizing by doing nonsense stuff on the computer while he works. On the floor beside us are Ginger and Scout. Ginger is sailing away in dreamland while Scout is on guard duty (quite unusual, I might say, as she is almost always fast asleep most of the day) by the door.

Ginger's mouth is twitching; her tummy rising and falling slowly, rhythmically. Scout is restless, often getting up and rushing to the window, sniffing an unknown assailant (usually a cat passing by or a lizard scurrying after insects).

This is a most unusual scene. First of all, after dinner, we're usually in the spare room watching TV. Ginger would usually be beside us, lying on her side but alert. Scout would be fast asleep and snoring oh so loudly, we're hoping the neighbors won't hear.

Tonight the tables are turned. Ginger's having such a good sleep, she's even licking her lips in enjoyment. Scout's the alert one, dutifully pacing the floor and snapping her head up at any sound or movement outside.

Ginger and Scout -- profiles of professional house dogs:

Ginger -- yellow Labrador Retriever, turning nine in October; aka Nurse Ginger (because she seems to know which parts of our bodies are painful or itchy), Ginj or Gingee

Favorites: Yakult, bananas, behind-the-ears scratching, chest-rubbing and long baths

Dislikes: the smell of rubbing alcohol, the beach, stepping on puddles, cracks on the pavements, birds and most of all, thunder

Skills/strengths: pinpointing ache-y or itchy parts; tricks such as "sit", "down", "stay", "search", "fetch", "catch", "kiss" and distinguishing between a tennis ball and a Kong (doggie toy); climbing the stairs slowly, deliberately, one-paw-per-step at a time; empathy to the point of OA (heehee)

Scout -- Beagle, turning five in November; aka Scoutie or Sweetheart

Favorites: sleeping, licking Ginger all over, cheese, Yakult, people watching, sleeping, staying in the kitchen when someone's cooking, sleeping, and sleeping some more

Dislikes: being awoken from sleep, cats, nail clipping time, baths, loud noises and voices and being awoken from sleep

Skills/strengths: sleeping through all sorts of activity and noise; tricks such as "sit", "sit-up", "down", "roll-over" and "crawl"; sleeping; possesses big round eyes that hypnotize you into obeying her commands; being cute in a "wala po akong magawa, cute talaga ako"-way; sleeping na parang wala nang bukas

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