Easing Into The Weekend

Went to Salcedo Market with C. Got organic veggies and homemade bread from Gng. Bukid. Discovered their coffee blend and it was sooo smooth I had a second cup. Black. That's how I try coffee... black first so I'll know if it's good. If I can enjoy it black, it's definitely something I'll have again.

So many things to eat at Salcedo Market! There's authentic Thai, Indian, French and of course the lola-style Filipino dishes. Yummo! And the desserts... oh the desserts! So difficult to choose just one. I finally decided to try Dave's frozen yogurt. Macadamia flavor. Hay naku... Masarap! At mahal din! P75 for a small cup. But it was good yogurt, grainy and flavorful. Sorry no pictures. I was kinda embarrassed already when C was taking pictures of me at the veggies stand.

I made the skirt I'm wearing in the pic! :) I didn't sew it but I designed it. It's simple, I know. But I believe good design doesn't have to be complicated. And it felt nice to be wearing something not store-bought. :) Yun lang... Haha.

Happy it was sunny this morning at the market. Happy it's raining cats and dogs now that we're indoors. Nice time for a nap!

Happy weekend, my dears!

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