Running Log: 7 July 2009; Nike Running Clinic@ULTRA

Welcome back to speed training.

I didn't run at all last week. So today, Coach Jo Ar decided I should take it easy. Sure.

5 x 400m warm-up. Check.
Stretching. Check.
Main run: 7.5 x 400m done this way -- jog 100m curve; sprint 100m straight; jog 100m curve, sprint 100m straight. You get it right? In case you haven't seen one, the track oval has two straight sides of 100m each. The two curves on both ends of the track are also 100m each. I'm sure you get the picture.

So I did that alone. The rest of the guys did 6 x 400m.

First 400m during the warm-up, I was telling my legs: this is what we call running, in case you've forgotten in the one week we didn't do this.

My legs: ah... we see... it's kinda strange. The left heel feels a bit sore. Hmmm...

Into the main run, my legs: we remember, we remember! Wee! Fun! No more pain in the left heel. But check with your lungs. We think they're not too happy.

Lungs: must. breathe. must. try. to. breathe. slowly. slowly. calm. down. how. many. more. laps?

It didn't rain during the run. I was wishing for rain. It's always better when it rains. Cooler, quieter. The people on the track also thin out so there's more space to run on. Sometimes the track is so full it's like running an obstacle course, weaving in and out of groups of people.

I liked tonight's run. Looking forward to Friday's run. And hopefully Run For Home on the 19th. My first race since Condura which was way back in March!

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