Tita Susan

Tita Susan to me, mama or mommy to her husband and children, 'Ne San to her siblings and parents. She went to heaven early this morning, a little past 1am.

That's her beside me (I'm the one in the black jacket). It was only when I zoomed in on the photo that I noticed that her arm was hooked onto mine. This was taken in December last year at a family gathering. I will miss her. I'll miss her hearty laugh, her frankness, her humor, her grace and her strength.

She fought cancer till the end. Even when she couldn't open her eyes anymore and she was breathing through a respirator, you could tell she was fighting. She was stronger than all of us.

We love you, Tita Susan. We'll miss you. Till we meet again in heaven.


Anonymous said...

My condolences, mcn.

makescoffeenervous said...

thank you, anon. it's a happy-sad day. happy she is in a better place and pain-free. but sad we won't see her and enjoy being with her anymore. not for a while, at least.