Fashion School

Tomorrow's the last day of the short fashion course I'm taking.

I think I'm the second oldest person in the class. Haha. But who cares, right? Learning should never stop.

It was a good class. The teacher was very patient with us and I really learned to draw. A tough feat because my drawing skills used to be limited to stick drawings. Now I can actually sketch decently and can even use watercolor! :)

Here are some snippets from the class:

Teacher John left us for a few minutes and this is what happened. Someone decided to play pictionary. It was crazy!

This is my workspace. Sometimes the banana is replaced by an apple. When I'm bad, it's replaced by a big bag of chips, Sugus chews and coffee.

Learning to watercolor. Tissue to dab paintbrushes on, to remove excess color.

We got to watch some fashion shows.

Loved the pants on this one. Not sure if you can see it clearly. They walked too fast or I was too slow.

Got to enjoy these:

And these! Hahaha!

And got to applaud a designer and celebrate his creativity and toil.

I now know more about seams, silhouettes, sleeves and sex (oh how fashion people love talking about sex!).

I can draw a decent figure and can actually understand and relate to fabric construction terms the patternmaker or sewer spews out in our meetings. Hahaha. Hindi niyo na ako maloloko! Just kidding!

I can now regale friends with my extensive gay vocabulary. Laos na ang chenes niyo, mga chenelyn!

Pat on the back for this old fogie who endured sitting in a classroom the whole day, once a week, for two months. I'll miss the funny stories, the fashion chismis, the OUTFITS of my classmates (I'll try to take pictures tomorrow), the trips to 7-Eleven and just being around people who, like me, celebrate fashion everyday.

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