Rainy Thursday

Woke up 10 minutes before 6am. Had to meet Mang N, the patternmaker at Jollibee at 7am. Dragged C, tempting him with the yummy chicken tocino breakfast.

It was raining, but not the strong rains we were expecting.

Saw this along the way:

Someone's birthday? No birthday should be dampened by a typhoon. And these pretty balloons in shades of blue will certainly bring cheer to anyone.

In Jollibee waiting for our orders and for Mang N, I saw this grandpa reading the paper.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a regular breakfast hangout too? A place where you can go eat something warm and yummy and read the paper in peace.

After the meeting, C brought me home and I tried to get some more sleep. I was fully awake (from the strong Jollibee coffee, I'm guessing) so I decided to get some work done. I have some work leads and I'm hoping they'll pan out well.

After lunch I decided to head to the mall to buy tickets for Transformers and bring magazines to scan for design ideas.

Went to my usual quiet place, Cafe Breton. Had my favorite Butter and Sugar crepe and a cappuccino. All under P200. With no pressure to leave, even if you stay for four hours. Haha.

At the table beside me, there was a family composed of a mom and four siblings in their 40s to 50s. I usually try not to eavesdrop but in this case I couldn't help myself. It was just 3pm and they were looking for wine. One of the sisters wanted beer because "I can't get drunk on wine."

Breton didn't have beer. Only white and red wine by the glass. "Only by the glass?" one of the brothers asked. Finally the perplexed but alert waiter produced a bottle of white. The siblings examined the bottle for where the wine originated and how many proof it was (not sure about that term).

"Okay, we'll get this. Give us four glasses. Ay, five pala because mommy wants some too!"

I sneaked a peek at the family several times. I too, like the waiter, was perplexed. I found them cool actually. The family that drinks and gets drunk together... Just kidding. I just admire their bluntness (we just want to get drunk, period).

I got lost in my magazines and didn't find out if they finished the entire bottle. But by the way they were talking, they were still far from even just getting tipsy. Ah well.

I had to leave them because some more family members (nieces who came from the Zara sale -- yes I peeked at their shopping bags) arrived and they needed some more space.

Well, that's it. The rest of the day I spent checking the Zara sale (didn't like anything) and not really in a shopping mood. I'd rather have something made. Had dinner with C and watched Transformers. Quite nice.

Thos are just some ordinary things that I saw/experienced today. Good morning!


Anonymous said...

As usual, 'nice write' really enjoy reading your blog even if i can't relate to some topics.

makescoffeenervous said...

awww... thank you so much. what a nice thing to read at this late/early hour, having just come from visiting my very ill aunt in the hospital. a timely word! much thanks, anon.

"A man finds joy in giving an apt reply--and how good is a timely word!"

-Proverbs 15:23