Sound Trip #9

When I'm driving and I'm sad about something or angry at traffic, I listen to 98.7 DZFE. Classical music and the talk programs calm me down.

This morning, driving to PGH to visit my very ill aunt, I tuned in to DZFE and caught part of the Bravo, Filipino! radio program.

They were featuring the Kabayao Family Quintet and their rendition of Sampaguita and another traditional Filipino song (I can't remember the title, sorry) and in my small space in the crawling Quiapo traffic, I felt proud and happy to be Filipino. What beautiful songs we have! Hearing those two pieces made me think of Amorsolo landscapes, old black & white movies and a genteel time when the air was cleaner, and people could actually smell the sampaguita flowers and write music about them.

I couldn't find the Kabayao version of the piece but here's the version of the SamaSama project:

Here's Bayan Ko by the Kabayao Family Quintet:

While you're at it, please read about the Kabayao Family and their music mission here. I know it's way past Independence Day. Still, it's never too late to celebrate it.

Good morning!

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