I've been away from blogging for a long time. Nothing much going on I guess. Nothing so interesting to write about. But I miss writing and I miss interacting with (the very few) people who read my blog.

I hope to write more regularly soon. Hope you guys are doing great. Talk to you soon.


GINA said...

Hello to you too! =)

What may be uninteresting to you can actually--who knows?--be interesting to the rest of us. =) So just write!

I blabber about mundane stuff the whole time, and I find it cathartic to hit the 'Publish' button and send out my little, unimportant thought out there into cyberspace. Doesn't matter if someone reads it or not. I just feel good having my own thought space. =) Writing in small chunks is such a comfort these days.

Anonymous said...

Cge sulat lang ng sulat...binabasa namin blog mo. Sabi nga variety is the spice of life. Ganyan ang blog mo. :)

makescoffeenervous said...

@gina: oo nga... :) sometimes i just feel too old to be writing a "diary". hahaha! but you're right... it's cathartic to just let it out into the void.

@anon: thank you so much for the encouragement! susulat na ako ulit. :)