Tweet! Tweet!

I gave in. I'm now on Twitter: http://twitter.com/sillycoffeegirl

I made an account a few months ago and right after I did, I deleted it. They had a prompt that said "aww... was it something we said?". Cute huh? But I just felt I couldn't handle another time waster. There's Facebook already and I have to really be tough on myself so that I don't spend the better part of the day checking out what's happening there.

What made me decide to give Twitter another try? Driving. And road rage. Lately my temper has been short on the CRAZY drivers out there. Buses, tricycles, mga taong singit ng singit, etc. I realized that when I post a status/complaint on Facebook, it makes the frustrating driving experience more bearable and even funny.

So if I tweet, instead of saving up for a Mad Max-style vehicle that could plow through slow moving pedestrians and bully buses, I'd feel a whole lot better and the streets will be a safer place. :) Hee hee. Tweet tweet.


GINA said...

Happy tweeting!

I have a twitter account but i don't post. Just to follow people, haha. Grabe, EVERYONE is online all the time these days, whether it's facebook, twitter, plurk, multiply, blogger, etc. It's getting to be a smaller world.

makescoffeenervous said...

Grabe nga ang technology... It's great but scary at the same time! Big Brother!