Men In White... Shoes

If you're a guy wearing white shoes, I will judge you.

If you're a guy wearing white shoes (not the athletic kind) and your hair's mussed up in a fashion-y, Korean novela way, I will most certainly judge you.

I'm having fries in McDonald's and I see this guy in line wearing a black sports shirt, dark jeans, a big wristwatch and white, pointy "leather" shoes.

He kinda looks like Piolo Pascual and I think he knows it. I'm sure a lot of his friends have told him he's a Piolo look-alike. And I'm quite sure he's mighty pleased about it. I'm also quite sure that the whole get-up he's in now is to further emphasize that he is a Piolo look-alike. Kinda saying: hey, look at me, ain't I the handsomest second level Piolo you can set your eyes on?

I know I'm being mean. At least the guy tried. I think it's better that you have some sort of fashion sense than none at all.

But... if you're wearing white, pointy "leather" shoes, be prepared to be looked at... and judged. By me at least. Hahaha.

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