You Are What You Read?

The father of my bestfriend once told her to take a look at the things she reads and see what most of them are about. According to him, what you read is what you are most passionate about.

What a surprise it was for her, a political science professor by training, to discover that her books on church and ministry, specifically counseling, far outnumbered her books on political science. It was a clear sign for her that she needed to rethink what she was pursuing and maybe finally get on with pursuing what she constantly thinks (and reads) of.

I went shopping with a friend this afternoon. Actually she did most of the shopping while I hung around, fiddling with details on some clothes, making mental notes of what I can do in the future. It's end of season sale and there were just so many things to look at.

I really didn't feel like buying anything. Nothing really spoke to me. Some things whispered but not enough to make me want to leave the store with them.

What I finally bought was this back issue of Vogue Espana. What caught my eye was the black and white cover featuring Lauren Hutton. I love her. I wish I can grow old as gracefully as her.

I couldn't care less if I wouldn't understand the copy in the magazine, except if the words beber and agua or casa and mi were involved. Just leafing through the magazine, looking at shots of Ms. Hutton and of beautiful dresses will be enough.

So going back to what my bestfriend's father said, I know with much certainty what it is I'm passionate about. If you come and visit, our house is littered with magazines and books on fashion (a lot of them gifts from people who truly know me!). And a lot of Jane Austen. :)

What is your passion?


GINA said...

Oh my god, I don't know how to answer your question. I like to read a lot of things--world mythology, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopia, the fairytale genre, philosophy, and even physics and genetics!! Haha.

I agree with you and your friend--you ARE what you read. I'm definitely not the smartest person in the world, but when I look at the books on my shelves, i realized that I like to read simply because I'm always hungry for knowledge. One can never have enough, I believe. =)

makescoffeenervous said...

that's a dizzying list of topics! hahaha!

maybe someday you'll write a book! i just think all that reading will lead to contributing. :)