Green Pizza

We live far from where C works so we usually have dinner very late. Usually when our neighbors are all quiet and asleep. Haha.

It ain't so bad. I've learned to take my meals according to this schedule and I usually take snacks before dinner. I just had a handful of dry roasted peanuts and a packet of Raisinets. :)

Usually while I'm having a snack, I watch cooking shows like Giada's Everyday Italian. Why I do this is quite unclear to me.

I got to the TV earlier than usual and caught Martha. Got bored and found myself thinking of making pizza.

Not tonight though. I realize I don't own a rolling pin. I used to make pizza from scratch but that was a loooooong time ago when I was still single and living with my parents. They own the rolling pin. I should've brought it with me when I got married. Haha.

So I went online and searched for a pizza dough recipe that uses whole wheat flour (because that's what I have now). Found this interesting site. And this interesting recipe!

I have to try making this soon!

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