A Year In The Life: 29 January

A friend of mine started a photo album on Facebook called A Year In The Life. One photo per day for the whole year.

It's a month late but today's as good as any day to start.


This is our little veranda. Those two chairs were bought from carabao-pulled carts. We've always had a soft spot for those carts and we thought we'd support them by buying wood stuff from them. 

This veranda is where we go when there's a cool breeze. Sometimes we have dinner there. There was one time we got locked out and we had no house help yet and all the neighbors were asleep. C had to ram through the door. Destroyed the lock and split some wood. Hahaha. 

The fabric for the printed curtains were bought at such a bargain on Ilaya in Divisoria. It's flimsy enough to let the breeze through and yet substantial enough to afford us some privacy.

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