Happiness Is A Half-empty Supermarket

I'm typing this while riding a caffeine high from instant coffee. Woohoo!

I ran errands today and felt so blissful at many points.

I realize one of my happy places is the supermarket (specifically Landmark in Trinoma, which is just 15 minutes from our house) on a weekday afternoon. No crowds, no mad rush, no loud droning from the food court.

I had to buy fruits and toilet paper (what a combination) and as I walked down the long aisle leading to the grocery "gates", I felt like breaking into song and sliding on the shiny, newly waxed floor. Hahaha. Ang babaw (shallow).

Since I was already in the grocery, I decided to get some breakfast food. Since the holidays, we've become enamored with cold cuts dredged in sugar and fried. The chicken ham we buy was out of stock so I considered some chicken hotdogs. The things you discover when you are not rushed into buying things! Purefoods Chick'n Tasty hotdogs have beef and/or turkey meat!!! Waaahhh! I'm okay with the turkey but I DON'T EAT BEEF, Purefoods!!! How dare you delude us into thinking we were eating purely chicken?! Grrrr!!! Thank God Turkey SPAM is really made of turkey. Or so they say.

After buying groceries I went to the sewing supplies store and bought buttons for a coat, thread for a long-sleeved shirt, garter for a 2'' waistband, and an attachment for the sewing machine. The attachment was something I didn't think I'd get there. I was surprised too that it was very affordable. I felt a surge of joy when I held the attachment and paid for it. Let me explain.

I've been planning on making easy shirt dresses for summer. The kind you just pull over and wear as is or over shorts or as a belted mini dress. I always know how I want something to look. Most of the time though I'm quite clueless about how they get that way. Thankfully my sewer is old and wise and has many experiences tucked under her belt. However, when I showed her a kind of stitching I wanted, she was quite unsure as to how to do it. She was familiar with it but had not actually done it. She just knew there was an attachment that we needed to have for the machine.

When I bought the attachment this afternoon, I felt so encouraged because we were one step closer to making the shirt dress. It's just an attachment, I know. But that's how I look at goals/tasks. They come in many puzzle pieces and each piece and correct fit is precious and worth celebrating.

Going home the sky was littered with fat, fluffy, cottony clouds set against a blue blue sky. Oh how beautiful. So like a Peanuts comic strip. Haha.

So there. Just a happy day that started with an almost empty supermarket.


Anonymous said...

And half-empty cinemas haha. Btw, Swift Chicken Hotdog doesn't taste as good as Purefoods Chick'n Tasty LOL.

- C

makescoffeenervous said...

Hahaha. One of these days when you're on leave, we should catch the first screening. :)

I happen to like the taste of Swift chicken hotdog. Love the casing. It's more crisp.