LITtle Steps

Will write a proper post about this (with pictures and all) but just an update for now.

We had our first lymphocyte immunotherapy (LIT) last Saturday.

C and I went to this medical laboratory on Pedro Gil at around 8am. We were already the fifth in line. They extracted 12 vials of blood from C and we were told to go to St. Luke's in the afternoon for my shots of C's lymphocytes.

The immunologist told us to be at St. Luke's at 5pm. When we got there, we were 7th in a list of 8 patients. I rushed out of the elevator and walked fast to the clinic when I sensed that the couple in the elevator with me were LIT patients too. Haha.

The precious vials arrived in St. Luke's at around 720pm. Some of the girls in line had been there since 2pm. Two girls had just flown in from the province for the LIT and one of them was trying to catch an 830pm flight. I wonder if she made it.

The doctor showed us the small vial of lymphocytes. All that blood and just this much lymphocytes. The doctor then injected the lymphocytes into my skin at two spots and wrapped my forearm in bandage. Not to be taken off for 48 hours.

We removed the bandage last night and I still have two swollen red marks on my forearm. They're a bit itchy but not the horrible itchy some girls describe.

Saturday night I had chills and fever. Took paracetamol to lower the temp. Thank God it worked. But I'm still worried that the fever made the LIT not as effective. :(

I still feel under the weather today and I sent the doctor a text asking if it's okay to proceed with our next LIT this Saturday. She told me to take ConZace 3x a day and we'll see on Friday if things improve. I pray my body will recover fast and I will be fit enough to have the next shots on Saturday.

That's it for now. Will post pictures soon.

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