It was C's birthday yesterday. We had quite a productive day. We went to PGH to have his blood extracted for the screening (checking if he has HIV, Hepa, Malaria and other stuff he might pass on to me when they inject me with his lymphocytes).

I thank God for the good people we have been meeting. The staff at PGH are soooo kind and helpful. It is almost unbelievable, in this land of government offices with really bitchy and power-tripping employees.

Reggie (the guy for all LIT-related stuff) met C at the lobby while I waited in line for parking. I didn't even have to park as the procedure was so quick. Reggie brought C back to the lobby where I met them. He's a thin guy, with light skin and kind eyes. He was very encouraging. "Wag ka mag-alala, next year may bingyagan na tayong pupuntahan!" (Don't worry, next year we'll be going to a child's christening!)

This afternoon I asked about the results and he said they haven't been forwarded to him yet. He will request for a fax of the results tomorrow morning, just in time for the extraction of 12 vials of C's blood. They will isolate the lymphocytes and inject those to my forearm (skin level) tomorrow afternoon in St. Luke's.

I am excited and at the same time anxious. Praying my body will cooperate and "befriend" C's lymphocytes. :)


Fria said...

Hello! Hope all is well.

I have been reading your past entries re: LIT ever since we were advised to undergo the treatment. Just wanted to ask how much is the screening at PGH?

Thanks so much.

makescoffeenervous said...

Hi Fria!

So sorry but I don't remember now how much the screening is. It should be cheaper than the P3,500 we pay for LAT.

Hope all goes well for you.

Fria said...

Thank you!

You're entries have been very helpful.