Goodbye, Coffee, Goodbye

I never thought I'd say those words ever. Well, not until next year at least, according to our plans.

What will this mug hold, now that I am swearing off coffee for the next 9 months and 2 years (I plan to breastfeed up to 2 years)?

Taho? Hahaha! I can't even drink tea. The baby book doesn't advise drinking tea, especially green tea. Wow.

Just two weeks into knowing about our pregnancy and there have been so many changes in our lives.

As early as the first faintly positive pregnancy kit, I quit coffee. Just like that. And I am really so surprised that I didn't even have any withdrawal symptoms. I used to get severe headaches when I didn't get my morning cup. But so far, no headaches and just a really teensy bit of craving once in a while. The doctor says one cup is okay but I don't think I'd want to even risk that.

I had to ditch (or pass to the dad-to-be) a lot of my toiletries: conditioner, body oil, facial wash, sunblock and pimple medicine. They contain a lot of ingredients that are harmful to the baby. Who would've thought? For added knowledge, check here.

I've had to give up Kettle Chips (oh how difficult that one is!), chocolates and ice cream. No unnecessary sugar and salt. Although last night, I sipped maybe 1/4 can of Royal Tru Orange. It tasted insanely good! Nowadays, I stuff myself with fresh fruits like mangoes, papaya and pineapple. My meals always have leafy greens. Thank God we've always preferred brown rice.

Oh running, oh running. Sniff, sniff. Last night will probably be my last slow jog. The doctor won't allow me to run. She said I should wait till my 10th week. I had to beg her (really pester her with so many text messages saying I'd go crazy if she didn't leave me with even one exercise I can do) to let me keep swimming. Finally she relented. Phew.

Aside from those things, and C's overly protective behavior, everything's just as if I weren't pregnant at all.

Oh but wait... The symptoms...

I thank God that I have not had any morning sickness. Please, Lord, let me be one of those girls who don't have those at all. Please.

What I do have are constant bouts with sleepiness. I really don't take naps even when I work from home. But lately I've had to fight the battle with snooze. I'd try to resist by taking a shower or eating something, but I just can't beat it. I'll pass out for a good 30 mins. Just like that. Haha.

I have severe and frequent hunger pangs too. Even if I had just had a meal maybe 30 mins to an hour before.

I don't think I crave any particular food, but I like savory food like pancit, adobo, and this grilled chicken burger at Charlie's. Yummy!

Lastly, I go around smelling like bico. Someone with three kids and no stretchmarks told me that what she put on her body during her pregnancy was good old fashioned coconut oil. So if you smell something like rice cake (or for Sandy in the run clinic, ulam), I'm so sorry, that's probably me. :)

From coffee to coconut oil. And taho. Haha.

Someone sent me a text when she found out I was pregnant. This is what she said:
Your heart is no longer your own.
So very true. :)


GINA said...

1. would you believe i have a little prince mug as well? it's so overused; i keep it on my office desk. the picture is that of him being carried off by a flock of birds. =)

2. i was thinking before about the difficulty of giving up coffee in the event i get pregnant. and a wise officemate of mine (she's a mother of a 1-yr old) said that your body will reject coffee automatically because a) you wont like coffee when you're pregnant as you tend to crave for other things and b) your body knows it's dangerous for the baby. automatic motherly love. =) when she explained it to me, i felt better. i'm glad you're not experiencing bad coffee withdrawal symptoms. and i'm sure it'll be easy for you to go without coffee in the next 9 months for your baby's sake. =)

3. i'm sure you'll be using organic beauty/skin care products in the meantime. those without harmful chemicals. i'm so addicted to organic stuff. hope you have fun shopping! it's an excuse to get yourself baby-friendly skincare stuff. yay. =P

4. i'm a little sad about you not being able to run. no running daw at ALL? kahit slow jog? damn.

5. go crazy with coconut oil!! so what if you smell like bico diba?? =P while i was losing 15 lbs, i was slathering cocoa butter and/or coconut oil like crazy. para di marami yung stretch marks. (i have a little, but it's not so bad. i think it depends on your skin type too. my skin is dry, so i'm prone to stretchmarks. that's why i moisturize like crazy. hehe.)

makes coffee nervous said...

gina girl...

1. i now have a little person who's going to inherit my little prince mug. :) save yours also for your future baby. i'm sure you'll make a really cool mom!

2. yeah, amazing how the body is! and how the baby is! i really didn't get even one headache! it's as if i was never such a coffee addict at all. sweet stuff also taste too sweet now. even yakult. how strange.

3. yep, organic stuff all the way! even our veggies.

4. yep again, no running at all, says the doc. haaayyy... i sent her a very long text explaining the stuff i used to do prior to getting pregnant. she said no. i had to send another text telling her i'd go crazy if she didn't leave me with anything. she said yes to swimming. now i just need to find a preggy-safe sunblock.

5. coconut oil... oh great! one more person who has tried it. i actually like it. it's not greasy at all! unless there's something wrong with how our househelp makes our oil... should it be greasy? the scent is just really insane though. hahaha!