Sound Trip #7

Was trying to nap this afternoon but couldn't. Starting to get bored with the long break. Decided to listen to a lazy afternoon playlist and rediscovered this song:

So very summer, don't you think?

Not much news from the baby factory. Waiting for my ultrasound (my fifth since March 26) on Monday, so the doctors can determine the "viability" of our pregnancy. Yes, that is exactly the term they use in the ultrasound report: viability of pregnancy. How clinical and oh so cold, right? Ah well.

I'm quite optimistic that this lil one is a tough one because she/he was there floating around in my uterus that morning I was huffing and puffing up the Buendia flyover for Condura 10K and she was fine after that. Hang in there, lil one! We can't wait to see you! :)

Here's another summery thing I'm sharing with you today. A photo by Australian photographer Narelle Autio. Borrowed from thevine(dot)com(dot)au. I'm kinda wishing I were diving into cool blue waters right now but for now I have to leave all the "underwater" cavorting to the lil one growing in my tummy.

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