Hard-nosed Pregnancy

As with all things I get into, I'm into my pregnancy, and everything about it, a hundred percent. This is highly evident in what I eat lately.

I don't think I have been this disciplined with my diet since... since... since... NEVER!!! Haha.

Went to the grocery and Healthy Options today to look for baby-friendly supplies. My heart broke when I saw the fat bags of Kettle Chips waiting to be taken home. I do not miss coffee at all but I pine after Kettle Chips. I had to turn my nose up at them today. I heard a whimper from the Lightly Salted line. Sorry guys.

A friend sent me two Swiss chocolate bars for my birthday and one of them is a raspberry chocolate, one of my favorites! Ack! It is still in the refrigerator untouched.

I am reduced to this tonight:

If the photo isn't clear, the bowl contains chilled singkamas or turnips. Ack!

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