Missing Running

I miss pre-race night when I almost can't fall asleep, super excited and worried I won't wake up to the alarm.

I miss leaving the house while it was still dark and seeing the EDSA street lights still ablaze.

I miss warming up in the holding area with other runners.

I miss gun start and the smell of sun block all around.

I miss conversations I have with myself, especially on hilly portions where I have to ignore the pain and take the next step and the next and the next till I'm on flat terrain again.

I miss the anxiety of the last kilometer when I don't really even know if I can make it to the finish.

I miss the thump thump of blood in my legs after I've crossed the finish and I walk to the water station to cool down.

I wonder if I'll run that way again.

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Anonymous said...

wow this was in early 2009 right? about a year and a half and 20 pounds ago. haha.
i miss running too. maybe we can go back in year's time. or two ;-)

- c