Happiness Is...

A surprise dockside picnic in the middle of a truly hectic week.

Read this post and was relieved someone articulated what I've been feeling for the past week. Too busy. Too noisy. Too many things on my plate.

As I am thankful for the increase in workload, I do admit I am having a hard time adjusting.

I was telling C that I used to have so much free time I could go to the nearby mall at odd hours, several times during the week. Just to go to the grocery or have a crepe and coffee afternoon. Gone are those days.

Now it has come to a point I have to ask the sewers to label each piece we produce or I will forget who it is for. Haha.

Lest God think I am ungrateful, I'd like to make it clear that I am very happy with the new projects. I am immensely in awe with how God has blessed our work. So many exciting things to do. Like making clothes for a gay guy who has, according to him, stopped buying clothes for men! :)

I constantly pray that our work will bless not only the people we employ but also our customers. May we make clothes they will keep for a very long time in their closets. Clothes they will cherish and wear till they are threadbare. :)

Have a great week everyone!!!

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