The Great Leche Flan Adventure

 C and I have recently been tasked to write a little article on leche flan for an online city guide.

I should've learned from high school that you don't volunteer ideas unless you are prepared to take on the task yourself. Haha. My friend edits the city guide and was asking for ideas on what food Top 10 they can feature next.

For the past few weeks I have been obsessed with leche flan. No, I am not pregnant now. I am just a dessert fiend and I have recently fixated on leche flan.

So I suggested they write about leche flan, posting the suggestion on their Facebook page, hoping their Facebook admin and not my friend would read it. Alas she read it and a few days later she wrote to me asking if we could write the Top Ten. Reimbursible.

What, eat leche flan for free? Who's crazy enough to agree to that?! Come on!

So now we have a list of 18 Filipino-themed restaurants that we know or assume to have leche flan. We have to come up with an article by Sunday. What a tough job. Phew.

My taste buds are quivering in anticipation. My pants are sighing in defeat. Haha.

Photo from here.

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Anonymous said...

Hello leche flan, goodbye waistline LOL