Wuxiang: A Resto Review

This little restaurant on Ibanez corner J. Abad Santos (near where Little Store is) in San Juan came highly recommended.

One late afternoon in between errands in Quezon City and Makati, we decided to have really late lunch at Wuxiang.

It's a little apartment with a very spartan setup. Nothing fancy here and if you're really picky, you might label the place tacky. Haha.

We came expecting just to be fed hot, good food.

We ordered their specialty: fried chicken. The food server suggested pairing it with plain rice (although we wanted to get fried rice) so we did. We also got black almond and white almond drinks.


Dining Area

I haven't seen a tissue holder like this since grade school!

Christmas Kitsch

You know you're safe when they put your spoons and forks in hot water. Teehee.

Fried Chicken!!!

White and Black Almond on a date

Half order of fried chicken (8 pieces) was overwhelming to look at but we finished it off. Slices are small and it tastes like something your grandma would cook at home. Generous on the batter and spices but I wish they had marinated the chicken longer.

Verdict: Yummy, especially when you are sooo hungry and want something familiar and comforting. Nothing life-changing but for the price (I think less than P300 for our meal, including drinks), not bad. Service is good and waitstaff is friendly. Dining area is clean and reminds me of our grade school cafeteria. :) We didn't try the washroom though.

Would I crave this next week? I doubt. Maybe next month. And maybe next time we'll pair the chicken with fried rice or their noodles. There are other stuff on the menu worth trying.


Anonymous said...

Haha I like the black and white almond on a date. Yeah not so good, barely decent. But maybe we should go back another time and try the prawns and chinese fly lice LOL. If still not good we've backup--Serenitea! Hahaha.


makescoffeenervous said...

yeah we should! i actually dreamed the other night that i was there with charm and we tried the fly lice. hahaha!