80s vs 70s

Finally. According to this post on Jak & Jill, fashion is returning to a softer, prettier mood.

I don't think I bought any clothes this year. Really. Well, I also have the benefit of having a sewer who can make me what I want. But that, and recession saving aside, I had absolutely no love for the clothes that were in stores this year.

Black, skinny, edgy, spikey. 80s bad girl.

I am sooooo glad that we're going back to pretty, soft and curvy. Yes!


Anonymous said...

Loved the skinny jeans, specially when worn with flip flops, many variations with it. Looked good on slim ladies. Besides, was getting sick with the bell bottoms.

makescoffeenervous said...

hello, anon!

so you're a skinny jeans fan. :)

i was a late convert and enjoyed it for a short time only. i guess i'm a 70s kid at heart and have a weakness for boot cut or straight cut or yes... bell bottoms. haha. but not too flare, of course.

but that's one of the best things about fashion... things just go in cycles. :) so we don't have a chance to get bored.