Money Matters Tuesday

Started the made-to-order stuff in July. It just started when my friend's mom asked me to make her a cocktail dress for a wedding she was going to attend. Then my friend had some dresses made.

At first I had to job out the production part as I didn't have a sewing machine yet and had no full-time sewer.

The sewing machine and sewer came in early August. Jobs have been continuous since then.

Today I sat down and started an Excel on jobs done by the sewer as well as payments I've made. Need to do that as I am not known for my math skills. Haha.

I hate "counting beans" but it's something any serious entrepreneur needs to do constantly. Otherwise you're going through your business days blindly. Accurate financial information helps you make informed choices and hopefully assures you that you are making some money. Haha.

On the homefront, I am currently fixating on asparagus and scouring online food mags for pasta recipes using asparagus. This after I had my week of arugula addiction.

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